What Soccer Games Are On TV?

How to Watch Soccer on TV & Stream

Below you’ll find the full soccer schedule for live games on TV & stream with dates, kickoff times and channels.

  • Where can I watch soccer? Use the schedule below to find information on where to watch upcoming live soccer
  • When does the soccer season start? The football season in Europe normally begins in August, while the MLS kicks off already in February

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Where can I watch soccer on live stream?

The interest and engagement for soccer is massive and ever growing. Everyone has a relation to one club or another and with today’s live streaming alternatives it has never been easier to follow the club you support. In the US you find a number of high-quality streaming platforms, offering live coverage of various leagues and competitions. Here, we will list some of the most popular streaming platforms and information on their TV-rights and how to sign up for full access to the upcoming soccer streams. ESPN+ is one of the major broadcasters of soccer games today. Here you will find a great variety of sports and some of the best soccer tournaments in the world. Watch the MLS, La Liga and Bundesliga live every weekend with some of the most skilled players battling it out on the pitch. With an ESPN+ subscription you can watch live sports anytime, anywhere you want on up to 3 devices at the same time. The streaming platform is available on several devices, including Android, Apple TV, PlayStation, Chromecast and Samsung Smart TV.

Subscribe to ESPN+ for $10.99 per month, or $109.99 per year. Add Disney+ and Hulu to your subscription and pay $14.99 for an all-inclusive bundle. Paramount+ does not hold back on the entertainment and quality of their streams as they provide you with some of the best soccer tournaments there is. With a Paramount+ subscription you can watch the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the Italian Serie A and lots of other sporting events. Paramount+ has teamed up with CBS Sports to give you an unforgettable sporting experience in front of the screen with first class coverage, halftime shows and expert analysis.

Subscribe to Paramount+ and CBS Sports through one of their payment plans, Essential or Premium. Choose Premium, $9.99 per month, if you can’t get enough of live soccer as this package includes all of CBS and Paramount’s sport titles. Right now, you can try it out one week free and enjoy everything there is before subscribing to one of the subscription plans. Peacock is a live streaming platform from NBC Universal where you can watch the world’s best and most watched soccer league, the English Premier League. Watch Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and all the other English top flight teams fighting for the trophy in the most challenging league of them all. With Peacock Premium you can also watch the World Cup Qualifiers for the upcoming FIFA World Cup live. Check out their full offering at Peacocktv.com and subscribe for as little as $4.99 per month.

Leagues on TV & Stream


The MLS is 28-team league, running from February/March through October every year. The MLS is hugely popular among fans not only in the US and Canada, and back in 2013 it was the seventh-highest attended professional sports league in the world. Of the 28 teams competing in the MLS, 25 are located in the US and 3 are located in Canada. LA Galaxy is the most successful team in the history with 5 MLS Cup trophies. The Major League Soccer is brought live on TV and live streaming through various national and regional broadcasters. ESPN, Fox and Univision are the three national airing networks and for further information on specific regional broadcasts we advise you to check out the MLS TV and live streaming schedule above.
MLS TV- & Live Streaming Schedule

Premier League

Regarded as the world’s most challenging and toughest soccer league. The English Premier League comprises some of the best teams and is home to some of the most skillful players. Watch it live on Peacock live streaming platform from August through May and enjoy soccer at its best.
Premier League TV- & Live Streaming Schedule

La Liga

La Liga is the top flight division in Spain and one of the best soccer leagues in Europe. Featuring Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, it’s no doubt that La Liga is one of the most fierce and toughest leagues in the world. ESPN covers the full La Liga season and brings the action live to you through TV and stream.
La Liga TV- & Live Streaming Schedule

Serie A

The Italian top division, Serie A, is home to some of the most classic soccer clubs we have. Every season, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Napoli compete for the Italian champions trophy in what is regarded as one of the most eye-catching soccer leagues in the world. Passionate fans, incredible stadiums and high-quality soccer are brought to you live by Paramount+ who’s covering the full Serie A season.
Serie A TV- & Live Streaming Schedule

UEFA Champions League

The highest-ranked soccer tournament in the world, UEFA Champions League, is the tournament every soccer fan can’t be without. This is where the best teams and players go up against each other and fight for the most prestigious trophy of the season. Watch the full UEFA Champions League season live on Paramount+, as well as the UEFA Europa League.
UEFA Champions League TV- & Live Streaming Schedule

FIFA World Cup

Played once every fourth year, the FIFA World Cup is a tournament everyone is waiting for. The FIFA World Cup has been held since 1930 and is the most prestigious soccer tournament for nations. Brazil is the most successful nation with 5 titles, whereas the USNMT has never reached past the semifinals. Watch the FIFA World Cup live on Fox and Telemundo.