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Below you’ll find the full PGA Golf schedule for live viewing on TV & stream with dates, tee times and channels. Find out what events are on today, tonight, tomorrow, this weekend and in the future.

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If you’re looking for the best golf tournaments to watch live on TV or live streaming you’ve come just right. Here on you’ll find the latest information on when and how to watch the PGA organized golf tournaments. The PGA Tour is home to the best players around the world as it offers the most prestigious and reputable series of tournaments. Use the PGA Tour TV schedule above and find out how you can watch the upcoming golf events live from the US and Canada. The service is free to use and covers any updates by the broadcasting networks.

This is the PGA

The PGA Tour is an organization that has been in place since 1929. With such long and honored history the PGA Tour is an extremely well-respected organization which is overseeing the majority of the world’s highest ranked tournaments.
The tour was first established as an organization for club and tour players but as the money within the golf business increased in the 60’s the touring players saw a chance to break out and create an independent organization. This would allow them to benefit from the great attraction and engagement that surrounded the golf tours.
Since 1975 the leading organization has been named the PGA Tour, except for a short spell in 1981 when a marketing conflict arise, and the tour was renamed the TGA Tour. The dispute was resolved seven months later, and the tour got its present name, the PGA Tour.

The PGA Rankings

The PGA Tour and its tournaments uses a ranking system in order to decide on which players that’re included in the tournament fields. Depending on how the players have been performing in previous tournaments, career achievements and a number of other rankings the playing field is selected. Though most of the PGA Tour events make use of the ranking system there’re a couple of tournaments that’re using alternative qualifying categories.
As a way of recognizing the best player of the year there’re two awards being handed out in the end of each season, the PGA Player of the Year awarded by the PGA of America and the PGA Tour Player of the Year awarded by the PGA Tour. Tiger Woods is the most successful player in the history having won both awards 11 times, most recently in 2013. Previous PGA Tour Player of the Year
2019/20 – Dustin Johnson (2)
2018/19 – Rory McIlroy (3)
2017/18 – Brooks Koepka
2016/17 – Justin Thomas
2015/16 – Dustin Johnson

PGA Tour Events

The PGA Tour is overseeing the majority of the week-to-week golf tournaments. Major tournaments that’re not controlled by the PGA Tour are the Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and the Open. The Ryder Cup is another tournament that is not under the control of the PGA Tour. With that being said, the PGA Tour can still show an impressive list of yearly tournaments. In 2009 alone, the PGA Tour organized 43 top tier golf tournaments. Find some of the most glorious and prestigious tournaments controlled by the PGA Tour bellow. PGA Tour - The top tier of golf where the majority of the world’s best players are doing their week-to-week playing. Most of the events are held in the US, though there’re a couple of travels outside the US border. Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and Bermuda are some of the destinations where the PGA Tour hits down every season. PGA Tour Champions - Similar to the PGA Tour but the PGA Tour Champions is a tour where professional senior golfers are contesting. The tour has been played since 1980 and the American Hale Irwin is the most successful player in the history with 45 victories. Korn Ferry Tour - This tour is for all the players who’ve not yet reached the absolute top, the PGA Tour, or just done so but not managed to stay there. The Korn Ferry Tour can be seen as a practicing stage for upcoming talents who search for hard fought opponents and valuable experience before taking that last big step in their careers. PGA Tour Latinoamérica - This is the third-tier tour of the PGA hierarchy and the first stop on the way into the PGA Tour. After each season the best players from the PGA Tour Latinoamérica proceed to the Korn Ferry Tour. PGA Tour Canada - Works in the same way as the PGA Tour Latinoamérica. Players qualify for the Korn Ferry Tour by performing on the PGA Tour Canada. PGA Tour China - Makes up the trio of tours that’re there for new promising golf prospects and giving them a chance to finally make it to the PGA Tour.

Watch the PGA live on TV & Live Stream is the guide for all of you who follow the PGA Tour closely. The PGA Tour live stream guide above will guide you in the right direction and give information on when and how to watch every single tournament live. Save yourself from browsing through every single broadcaster’s website in order to find the information you’re looking for. On we’ve gathered the most accurate and up-to-date golf TV listings. The PGA Tour TV guide is covering channels and live streaming services from the US and Canada.
In the US it’s currently CBS Sports and NBC Sports who’re in possession of the TV rights. In addition to these broadcasters the PGA Tour has also launched its own live streaming service named PGA Tour Live, which can be acquired through several subscription plans.
In 2018 Discovery promoted their acquisition of international TV and live streaming rights for the PGA Tour. This deal gives Discovery exclusive rights to broadcast the tournaments outside the US. For further information on how you can watch the PGA, please check the TV and live streaming schedule above.