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NFL, home to the best American Football players and followed by millions of fans worldwide. This is the National Football League and by using Livesportsontv.com you’ll never miss a game on TV or stream. Even if you’re a passionate fan or just an admirer of the sport, NFL has something to offer. 32 teams battle it out throughout the season before the two best sides face each other in one of the biggest sport events, Super Bowl.

NFL and its history

The NFL was founded in 1920, celebrating its 100 anniversary this season. During the first seasons the NFL winner was determined through end of the season standings, but since 1933 a playoff system has been used. Super Bowl in its form that we’re used to today has been played since 1967.

Of all professional sports league in the world the NFL is the one with the highest average attendance. The average attendance in the NFL is way over 60 000. In USA it’s the most followed sport, making it bigger than both NHL, MLB and NBA.

This is NFL

There are 32 teams competing in the NFL. The teams are divided into two different conferences, American Football Conference and National Football Conference. Further, both conferences are divided into four divisions with four clubs in each.

The regular NFL season lasts from September to December before its time for the Playoffs and finally the grand finale, Super Bowl, in February. The teams play 16 games each where the opponents are determined through a pre-set formula.

After every season a variety of team and player rewards are being handed out. Teams and players who’ve performed an outstanding season will be recognized at different banquets and events after the last game of the season. Below you’ll find some of the most valuable team awards.

Vince Lombardi Trophy – The main trophy and the trophy every team is dream about. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is handed out to the team who wins the Super Bowl.

George Halas Trophy – The George Hallas Trophy is being handed out to the team who wins the conference final in The National Football Conference. Dallas Cowboys has won the trophy eight times which is the most any team has done.

Lamar Hunt Trophy – Similar to the George Halas Trophy, the Lamar Hunt Trophy is handed out to the winner of the American Football Conference. New England Patriots holds the record for most victories, 11 times.

The Playoffs and Super Bowl

When the regular season is played its time for seven teams from each Conference to proceed to the Playoffs. The winner of each division is qualified for the Playoffs together with three wild cards from each conference. The Playoffs are played in a knock-out format where teams from the two conferences keeps separated until the Super Bowl, where the American Football Conference winner goes up against the winner of National Football Conference.

One player who has almost become a synonym with the Super Bowl is Tom Brady. The American quarterback holds the record for most Super Bowl wins (6) and most Super Bowl MVP (4). Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks the game has ever seen, played for New England Patriots before moving onto Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020. He is also the oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, at an age of 41.

NFL records

Here you will get some of the most extraordinary records recognized by the NFL throughout its history.

Most titles – Green Bay Packers 13
Most seasons played – George Blanda 26
Most games played – Morten Andersen 382
Most points scored, career – Adam Vinatieri 2673
Most points scored in a season – LaDainian Tomlinson 186
Most touchdowns in a season – LaDainian Tomlinson 31
Most field goals made in a season – David Akers 44

Watch NFL on TV and stream

NFL is a football league followed by fans all over the world. Usually the games take place on Sundays but there are many fixtures being played in the middle of the week as well. It can be a bit tricky to keep track of all the important games and where it’s possible to watch them live. With Livesportsontv.com you will always be up to date with the different broadcasting channels and streams that are showing NFL. We updated our TV-guide on a daily basis to make sure the latest information is given to you. Our service is free to use and is available in your computer, phone or tablet.