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On this page you will find information about when, where and how to watch the IIHF World Championship live on TV or live streaming. The event is being held annually and features only the best ice hockey nations. The tournament has been organized since 1920 and is a widely popular event among ice hockey fans around the world. The IIHF World Championship TV and live streaming schedule on will present you with the latest and most accurate broadcast information and instructions on how to watch the games live. Follow on Twitter and Facebook for even more news and updates on the tournament and up-to-date broadcasting information.

Where is the Ice Hockey World Cup 2023 played?

Like last year's tournament, the Hockey World Cup 2023 will be held in Tampere, Finland. In addition, Riga will also be the host city, which means that the championship will be split across two nations. The reason for this is that Russia was supposed to be the host nation for this year's tournament, but after the country was not allowed to participate in the tournament, the hosting duties had to be transferred to Finland and Latvia at short notice.

The final, on 28 May, will be played in the Nokia Arena in Tampere just like last year. Completed in 2021, the arena holds just over 13,000 spectators and is a modern facility well suited for large events. Tampere and Ilves currently play their league games in the Nokia Arena.

The 2023 tournament will be the eighth edition of the Hockey World Cup to be played in Finland, making it one of the nations to have hosted the championship the most times. Finland has recently become a powerhouse in international hockey tournaments with its 10 medals in the 2000s.

In addition to the Nokia Arena in Tampere, the stadiums that will be used during the World Cup are the Arena Riga in Latvia. Arena Riga was completed in 2006 and is also a dedicated hockey arena with a capacity of more than 10,000 spectators. The arena is home to the Latvian national ice hockey team.

Groups - Ice Hockey World Cup 2023

Group A: Finland, USA, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Hungary, Austria Group B: Canada, Latvia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Norway

Group A will play their group stage matches in Tampere while Group B will be based in Arena Riga during the group stage.

The group stage will end on 23 May, after which the top four teams from each group will progress to the knockout rounds. The finals will consist of quarter-finals, semi-finals and finally the final which will be played on 28 May.

Ice Hockey World Championship on TV & Live Streaming

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For all viewers from the US the upcoming ice hockey world cup will be broadcast by ESPN+ and the NHL Network. Viewers will be able to watch every single game where the majority of them will be covered by studio talks pre- and after the games.

Canadian viewers will have to tune in TSN or RDS in order to watch the upcoming IIHF World Championship. The games will be covered by a number of experts in the studio who will deliver a great experience through the whole tournament.

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Ice Hockey World Championship – Background and History

The International Ice Hockey Federation, IIHF, was founded in 1908 and has been organizing the ice hockey world cup since 1920. The ice hockey world cup was at first held as a part of the Olympics, though it was later separated from the Olympics and held as an individual event for the first time in 1930. The world cup is the most prestigious and recognized international ice hockey tournament and has featured some of the most remembered and greatest national teams there has ever been. Canada and Russia, former Soviet Union, are two of the most dominant nations in the world cup history, having won close to 100 medals and more than 50 gold medals combined.

Who has won the most Ice Hockey World Championships?

Canada holds an impressive record of gold medals and the majority of them was won in the early years of the world cup era. In 1961, the Canadian team won its 19th gold medal, 17 more than any other nation had at that time. 1961 however marked the end of a Canadian era as the Soviet Union came through with an amazing group of players who were going to bring the Soviet Union several world cup trophies. Between 1963 and 1990 the Soviet Union managed to win the tournament 19 times and became the most successful world cup nation. Even though there’ve been several strong teams represented in the world in recent years no team has managed to re-create the domination that Canada and the Soviet Union displayed back then.

There have been several unforgettable stories about successful teams participating in the IIHF World Cup throughout the history. The Canadian dominance in the beginning of the world cup era and the Soviet Union teams in the 60’s and 70’s are two of the most remarkable performances in the history of the tournament. The Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland and the US are other nations that’ve always been recognized for their strong performances in the world cup and should never be written off when discussing potential champions candidates. Medal table
1. Canada – 27 gold, 16 silver, 9 bronze
2. Russian (Inc. Soviet Union) – 27 gold, 10 silver, 10 bronze
3. Czech Republic (Inc. Czechoslovakia) – 12 gold, 13 silver, 22 bronze
4. Sweden – 11 gold, 19 silver, 17 bronze
5. Finland – 4 gold, 9 silver, 3 bronze
6. USA – 2 gold, 9 silver, 9 bronze

Where was the Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 played?

The Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 took place in Finland. Tampere and the capital of Finland, Helsinki, was made the hosting cities of the tournament where 16 nations featured. The tournament began on May 13th and ran through May 29th when the final took place in the brand-new arena, Nokia Arena in Tampere.

Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 Schedule

Friday 12 May:
15.00 Finland-USA
15.10 Slovakia-Czech Republic
19.00 Sweden-Germany
19.10 Latvia-Canada Saturday 13 May:
11.00 Switzerland-Slovenia
11.10 France-Austria
15.00 Norway-Kazakhstan
15.10 Hungary-Denmark
19.00 Germany-Finland
19.10 Slovakia-Latvia Sunday 14 May:
11.00 Slovenia-Canada
11.10 USA-Hungary
15.00 Norway-Switzerland
15.10 France-Denmark
19.00 Sweden-Austria
19.10 Czech Republic-Kazakhstan Monday 15 May:
15.00 Slovakia-Canada
15.10 Germany-USA
19.00 Finland-Sweden
19.10 Czech Republic-Latvia Tuesday 16 May:
15.00 Denmark-Austria
15.10 Slovenia-Norway
19.00 Switzerland-Kazakhstan
19.10 France-Hungary Wednesday 17 May:
15.00 USA-Austria
15.10 Latvia-Norway
19.00 Canada-Kazakhstan
19.10 Finland-France Thursday 18 May:
15.00 Hungary-Sweden
15.10 Czech Republic-Slovenia
19.00 Switzerland-Slovakia
19.10 Denmark-Germany Friday 19 May:
15.00 Hungary-Finland
15.10 Latvia-Slovenia
19.00 Kazakhstan-Slovakia
19.10 Austria-Germany Saturday 20 May:
11.00 USA-Denmark
11.10 Norway-Czech Republic
15.00 Canada-Switzerland
15.10 Austria-Finland
19.00 Sweden-France
19.10 Kazakhstan-Latvia Sunday 21 May:
15.00 Slovenia-Slovakia
15.10 Germany-Hungary
19.00 Czech Republic-Switzerland
19.10 USA-France Monday 22 May:
15.00 Denmark-Sweden
15.10 Canada-Norway
19.00 Austria-Hungary
19.10 Kazakhstan-Slovenia Tuesday 23 May:
11.00 Slovakia-Norway
11.10 Germany-France
15.00 Sweden-USA
15.10 Canada-Czech Republic
19.00 Finland-Denmark
19.10 Switzerland-Latvia Thursday 25 May:
15.00 Quarter-final 1
15.10 Quarter-final 2
19.00 Quarter-final 3
19.10 Quarter-final 4 Saturday 27 May:
13.00 Semifinal 1
17.00 Semifinal 2 Sunday 28 May:
14.00 Third Place Game
19.00 Final