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Here we will provide you with up-to-date TV and streaming information for the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Check out the schedule below to find out how to watch upcoming live events on TV.

Serving as the proving ground for upcoming top level NASCAR drivers, the NASCAR Xfinity Series plays an important role in the NASCAR series system. The NXS has been running since 1983 and is normally held in connection to the Cup Series events. Watch it live on TV or live stream and get a glimpse of the future NASCAR Cup Series drivers. delivers an up-to-date TV and streaming schedule with all upcoming NASCAR Xfinity Series events. Check out the TV guide here and find out how you can watch the NXS live.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series

The series as we know it today was formed in 1982, though the NASCAR’s Sportsman division has been held since 1950. In the NASCAR Xfinity Series, you’ll find many of the future NASCAR Cup Series drivers as the series serves as a natural proving ground where upcoming top division drivers can get a chance to establish themselves on a professional level.

Where can I watch the NASCAR Xfinity Series live on TV & Live Streaming?

The NASCAR Xfinity Series has always been popular among racing enthusiasts. High speeds, eventful races and spectacular tracks attract millions of people every week watching the events live on TV and live stream. Since the mid-90s all races during the season are shown live. The TV-rights have been held by various broadcasters throughout the years. ESPN, CBS, NBC and Fox Sports are some of the televising networks that have been covering the NASCAR Xfinity Series.
If you’re watching from the US, it will be the Fox Sports Media Group and the NBC Sports Group that are covering the NASCAR Xfinity Series. The current deals run through the 2024 season and is worth over $4 billion each.
The NASCAR Xfinity Series is normally held in connection to the main races, the NASCAR Cup Series. By using you’ll get the latest information on when and how to watch the upcoming races. The TV and live streaming schedule will cover both national and regional channels and provide you with the correct starting time. With you will never have to miss a race again as the service is free to use and available on your computer, phone and tablet. Fox Fox Sports 1 NBC NBC Sports Network MRN

The NASCAR Xfinity Series – Racing Schedule & Playoffs

The NASCAR Xfinity Series normally begins in February and runs through November. There are a total of 33 races, 26 races during the regular season and 7 races during the Playoffs. The schedule differs somewhat from season to season.

The playoff system has been in use since 2016 in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. This is where the 12 best drivers will face off in a Playoff series consisting of seven races. Each round during the Playoffs is three races long, where the bottom four drivers will be eliminated after every round. The drivers are ranked by points.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series – Drivers’ Championship

The drivers’ championship is awarded to the driver who’s picked up the most points during the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Every race is divided into two or three stages, depending on the distance of the track. The first stage is usually the first quarter of the race, the second stage is the second quarter of the race and so on. Points are awarded throughout the race as the stages are completed. 1st – 10th position in every stage will earn the drivers points according to their position.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series – Owners’ Championship

The owners’ championship is similar to the drivers’ championship, though it’s for the car owners. If a driver is representing more than one car per season the points will only count towards the car owner in the owners’ championship.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series – Manufactures’ Championship

The manufactures’ championship is where the manufactures are competing against each other. All points won by a manufacture, regardless of the car owner and driver, will count towards the manufactures’ championship. Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford are the three major manufactures in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

The Dash 4 Cash

During the NASCAR Xfinity Series there is a series of races named the Dash 4 Cash series. The Dash 4 Cash series was introduced in 2009 and has been through a lot of changes since its beginning. The series was implemented as a strategy to increase the interest in the second-tier races. Drivers who were not full-time drivers in the Cup Series were allowed to participate in the race series where the winner would win a generous amount of prize money. The Dash 4 Cash series consists of four races and as of the 2021 season those four races were the Cook Out 250 (Martinsville Speedway), the Ag-Pro 300 (Talladega Superspeedway), the Steakhouse Elite 200 (Darlington Raceway) and the Drydene 200 (Dover International Speedway).

Facts about the NASCAR Xfinity Series Cars

Transmission: 4-speed manual Weight: Minimum 3 200 lb (Without driver) Fuel Capacity: 18 US Gallons Length: 203.75 in Width: 75 in Height: 51 in