Guide: All Groups for the UEFA Euro 2024

These are the Groups for the UEFA Euro 2024

For UEFA Euro 2024, taking place between June 14 and July 14, the draw has resulted in an interesting set of groups. Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia secured the last three spots for the Euro through their playoff victories. Here, we present each of the groups, as well as provide a prediction for the outcome.

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Group A: Germany, Hungary, Scotland, Switzerland

Group A is a fascinating mix with Germany as the host nation and one of the favorites to advance to the knockout stages. Germany's rich history and experience on the big stage, combined with the advantage of playing at home, place them in a favorable position. Hungary and Scotland could potentially surprise; both have shown the capacity to disrupt larger football nations. Switzerland could also prove to be a tough opponent with its stability and experience in major tournaments. The matches in this group could be close, but Germany and Switzerland are seen as favorites to advance.

  • June 14 (21:00): Germany - Scotland
  • June 15 (15:00): Hungary - Switzerland
  • June 19 (18:00): Germany - Hungary
  • June 19 (21:00): Scotland - Switzerland
  • June 23 (21:00): Switzerland - Germany
  • June 23 (21:00): Scotland - Hungary

Group B: Spain, Albania, Croatia, Italy

Group B is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and technically gifted groups, with Spain and Italy as prominent favorites based on their historical successes and their current squad of star players. Croatia, with a history of reaching far in major tournaments such as the World Cup final in 2018, cannot be underestimated. Albania is the group's underdog but has the potential to surprise. Exciting matches await, especially between the traditional powerhouses Spain and Italy. This group is what we call the "group of death" considering the high level of competition.

  • June 15 (18:00): Spain - Croatia
  • June 15 (21:00): Italy - Albania
  • June 19 (15:00): Croatia - Albania
  • June 20 (21:00): Spain - Italy
  • June 24 (21:00): Albania - Spain
  • June 24 (21:00): Croatia - Italy

Group C: England, Denmark, Slovenia, Serbia

Group C is an interesting group with England and Denmark as the most prominent teams. England, with its broad squad and successes in major tournaments, will want to build on its achievements. Denmark, in turn, has proven to be a strong and cohesive team, especially during the Euro 2020. Slovenia and Serbia are capable of creating surprises and will not be easy opponents. England and Denmark are seen as the favorites to advance from this group.

  • June 16 (18:00): Slovenia - Denmark
  • June 16 (21:00): Serbia - England
  • June 20 (15:00): Slovenia - Serbia
  • June 20 (18:00): Denmark - England
  • June 25 (21:00): England - Slovenia
  • June 25 (21:00): Denmark - Serbia

Group D: France, Austria, Netherlands, Poland

France and the Netherlands stand out as the heavy favorites in this group with their star-studded squads and impressive football history. Austria has the potential to challenge and create problems, while Poland will most likely be eager to make an impact. The matches with France and the Netherlands will be the highlights, as both teams have the capacity to go far in the tournament.

  • June 16 (15:00): Poland - Netherlands
  • June 17 (21:00): Austria - France
  • June 21 (18:00): Poland - Austria
  • June 21 (21:00): Netherlands - France
  • June 25 (18:00): Netherlands - Austria
  • June 25 (18:00): France - Poland

Group E: Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine

Group E is an interesting mix with Belgium at the forefront as clear favorites. Belgium, often called "the golden generation," has consistently performed at a high level in international tournaments in recent years. With players like Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, they are expected not just to advance from the group but also to challenge for the Euro title. Romania and Slovakia, however, might have the capacity to surprise, especially in matches where they have little to lose. Ukraine will fight hard to prove they deserve their place in the tournament. The key for Belgium will be not to underestimate their opponents, while Romania and Slovakia will see this as an opportunity to shake up the favorites.

  • June 17 (15:00): Romania - Ukraine
  • June 17 (18:00): Belgium - Slovakia
  • June 21 (15:00): Slovakia - Ukraine
  • June 22 (21:00): Belgium - Romania
  • June 26 (18:00): Slovakia - Romania
  • June 26 (18:00): Ukraine - Belgium

Group F: Portugal, Turkey, Czech Republic, Georgia

In Group F, Portugal is seen as the main attraction with a squad full of talent, including veteran Cristiano Ronaldo who might be making his last appearance in a Euro. Portugal has the depth and quality to go far in the tournament and is seen as a strong candidate to win the group. Turkey and the Czech Republic are both teams that have historically shown they can perform and will definitely give Portugal a tough match. Both teams have a mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm that could prove to be decisive. Georgia is a wildcard that can change the outcome of the group.

  • June 18 (18:00): Turkey - Georgia
  • June 18 (21:00): Portugal - Czech Republic
  • June 22 (15:00): Georgia - Czech Republic
  • June 22 (18:00): Turkey - Portugal
  • June 26 (21:00): Georgia - Portugal
  • June 26 (21:00): Czech Republic - Turkey

Favorites Expected to Advance from the Group Stage

In summary, the favorites to advance from the group stage are as follows:

  • Germany: As the host nation and with a squad filled with talent, Germany is expected to easily advance from their group.
  • Switzerland: With its stability and ability to perform in major tournaments, Switzerland is considered to have a good chance of advancing.
  • Spain: With its technical skill and tactical discipline, Spain is a strong candidate for advancing.
  • Italy: Despite being in a tough group, Italy is tipped to advance.
  • England: With a squad filled with young talents and experienced players, England is expected to dominate its group and advance.
  • Denmark: After impressive performances in recent tournaments, Denmark is seen as a strong candidate to advance.
  • France: As one of the heavyweights of the football world, France is favored to advance.
  • Netherlands: With a revitalized squad, the Netherlands is also considered strong enough to advance from their group.
  • Belgium: With "the golden generation" at the helm, Belgium is expected to advance from their group.
  • Portugal: With a mix of experience and dazzling young talents, Portugal is favored to lead their group. keeps you updated on the UEFA Euro 2024

To follow everything happening in the Euro and which nations advance from the group stage, we guide you to all matches and the channels broadcasting the Euro 2024.

Author: Dan Anderson