NFC North 2022 Divisional Winner Odds

NFC North 2022 Division Winner Odds

Onto the NFC North division where the Packers have been dominating for the last three years. The Packers were the sole playoff team from the NFC North last season but with the other three franchises having improved during the offseason we should expect a more competitive NFC North division this season with potentially two playoff teams.

In this NFC North division guide we provide you with odds on who’s going to win the NFC North, total win projections and NFC North predictions along with some interesting future bets.

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NFC North Division Winner Odds

Green Bay Packers -185
Minnesota Vikings +275
Chicago Bears +900
Detroit Lions +900


Green Bay Packers

The Packers have to be one of the more solid and reliable teams in the league and as they hit 13 wins last season, they did it for a third consecutive season. Without doubt, they are the strongest team in the division and it wouldn’t be right to favor any other team to win the NFC North. The gap down to the other teams is probably too big for any of the Vikings, Bears or Lions to be able to challenge for the division championship this season. However, the Packers should be prepared for a slightly more difficult season, even more so after parting ways with Davante Adams who we believe played a vital role in the Packers recent success.

The Packers win total projection is 10.5 wins, same as they had last year. Despite the improved sides in the NFC North and the fact that the Packers haven’t really been the big spenders this offseason, we can’t go against them to reach at least 11 wins. Having won 13 games for three consecutive seasons there has to be a major regression in order for the Packers to not make at least 11 wins. Aaron Rodgers leading the Packers is enough for us to predict another successful season where they have a good chance of digging deep into the playoffs.

Win total projection:

Over 10.5 (-145)
Under 10.5 (+120)

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Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings finished with a 8-9 record last season and the overhaul feeling is that with a few adjustments and perhaps a couple of new names to the squad, this can be a team fighting for division championship. However, the 2022 season might come too soon for this to happen as we can still see the Packers being stronger in most areas. The Vikings are on the right track though and we will probably see a much-improved side this season that will reach above its record from last year. The win total projection for the Vikings this season is 8.5 and that’s something we believe they are more than capable of doing. One more win than last season, considering that the team looks both stronger and more solid now, tells us that this is a real good bet for anyone fancying the over side.

The fact that the Vikings have signed with head coach Kevin O’Connell is another interesting point worth noticing. O’Connell is an experienced profile within the NFL, having coached as assistant coach in a number of teams prior to signing with the Vikings. His arrival can be the extra boost that the team needs in order to secure a spot in next season’s playoffs.

Win total projection:

Over 8.5 (-130)
Under 8.5 (+110)

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Chicago Bears

The 2021 season wasn’t one to remember for the Bears fans and the question is, will it get any better this season? In our opinion the team hasn’t improved a lot during the offseason and therefore it would be too much to hope for to back the Bears to reach over 6.5 wins. The squad doesn't impress and for this team to record 7 wins or more they will have to be really fortunate.

They begin the 2022 season with two difficult matchups against the 49ers and Packers. Next, is a number of games where the Bears should be able to pick up a few wins and perhaps get some momentum. This is key as the Bears wont have too many games where they will be favored to win. Even though we do expect them to be able to avoid the bottom position in the division, it’s important that they deliver in the games where they’re not the dogs. The Detroit Lions were miserable last season but looks sharper and better prepared for the next season, why the Bears need to look out for any slip ups in order to avoid a worse divisional record than last year.

Win total projection:

Over 6.5 (-120)
Under 6.5 (+100)

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Detroit Lions

Anything but an improved record from last season would be a horrendous performance by the Lions who only managed to win 3 games during the 2021 season. That’s not acceptable, for almost any team in the league, and the Lions will probably make sure it doesn't happen again. We ask ourselves though, how much better can you get after only one offseason? The Lions have a win total projection of 6.5 wins which in our opinion is quite extreme considering they need to more than double last year’s figures to reach that number. For sure, we will see improvements from last year but is it really realistic to expect such major improvement in only one offseason. The team is not that much stronger than last year and the other teams in the division have strengthened their squads too. If we’re going to pick one side here it will have to be the under.

Win total projection:

Over 6.5 (+105)
Under 6.5 (-125)

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NFC North Odds

There’s no doubt that the Packers are the favorites to win the NFC North division, whether you ask the experts or check the NFC North division winner odds. We can’t argue that the Packers are legitimate favorites and would probably go with the same bet if we were to place a NFL future bet today. However, when analyzing position 2-4 in the NFC North division it gets a lot more difficult with three evenly matched sides. The Vikings are favored over the Bears and Lions but we expect a hard-fought battle between these three. Whatever side you’re leaning to, you find interesting betting opportunities over at BetMGM who provides you with everything from probs bets to outright winner odds for the upcoming NFL season.

Author: Dan Anderson