NFC East 2022 Divisional Winner Odds

NFC East 2022 Division Winner Odds

Proceeding onto the other conference, NFC, and first out is the NFC East division. In our opinion one of the weaker divisions in the NFC, though we’ve liked what we have seen so far during the offseason from the teams when it comes to recruitment. The 2022 season might be an improvement for all four NFC East teams and therefore we can't deny that we’re a bit excited about this one.

Here we’ll give some of the latest updates from each team in the division and go through some of the NFC East odds presented by BetMGM, including future bets and total win projections.

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NFC East Division Winner Odds

Dallas Cowboys +115
Philadelphia Eagles +190
Washington Commanders +500
NY Giants +700


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have every reason to feel satisfied with last season’s performance when they recorded their best ever season since 2016. A place in the playoffs had them matched against the 49ers but unfortunately for the Cowboys, the dream of something bigger ended right there. The Cowboys have, however, created some distance between themselves and the rest of the teams in the division in our opinion and we believe they should be more than capable of once again retaining the top position in the NFC East division.

The Cowboys won't have to worry too much about a hefty playing schedule either, as they have one of the easiest in the league when it comes to the opponent’s total win projection. Even though all teams in the NFC East division seem to have improved during the offseason, the same goes for the Cowboys and therefore we believe that they will manage to reach a minimum of 11 wins.

Win total projection:

Over 10.5 (+105)
Under 10.5 (-125)

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Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles recorded 9 wins last season and their total win projection for the 2022 season is 9.5. Can they find another upset this season or is under 9.5 a better shot? It’s hard to say but as we see it, the Eagles have improved since last with a couple of players who will have a great impact on their play. The only question is whether they are able to get these players going from week 1 or will we see the Eagles struggle early on, only to grow into the season as closer to the decisive week we get. The NFC East division winner odds for the Eagles of +190 speaks for a strong side who will be up there with the Cowboys fighting for the division championship. We are not as sure as the odds might tell and therefore we choose to go with under 9.5 wins, currently at +105.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (-125)
Under 9.5 (+105)

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Ron Rivera is into his third season with the Washington Commanders and his last two seasons have ended with 7 wins. Last season, however, 7 wins didn't even take them to the playoffs and a disappointing season came to an early end. The Commanders have a squad strong enough to reach the playoffs, even though a lot depends on Carson Wentz and his performances. If he’s having a good solid season then the Commanders should be able to create an upset in the NFC East division and perhaps finish above the Eagles.

Another thing speaking in the favor of the Commanders this season is the playing schedule. When looking at last season’s total winning percentage, no other team in the league has an easier schedule then the Commanders have. If they are just able to improve in the areas where they were lacking last season, the 2022 campaign seems like the perfect season to take the next step for the Commanders.

Win total projection:

Over 7.5 (-125)
Under 7.5 (+105)

Commanders Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

NY Giants

Only four wins last season and an offensive that never got going. The Giants had a miserable season last year and were only avoiding being bottom ranked in the NFC thanks to the Lions being even more miserable. So what points towards a better season in 2022? To start off we can conclude that at least the bookmakers believe that the Giants will have greater luck this season as they set 7.5 as the win total projection. For us, this feels like a big step to take after being completely outplayed for the majority of the last season. Where the Giants should find another 4 wins we are not sure about and if we were to pick a side it would be under 7.5, currently at -160. Even though the team has improved somewhat since last season it feels too much to ask for to double the amount of wins. The Giants time will come and they will for sure have the potential to fight for the playoffs, though not as soon as this season. Whether you agree or not with this prediction, you find more NY Giants odds at BetMGM.

Win total projection:

Over 7.5 (-125)
Under 7.5 (+105)

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NFC East Odds

Most experts are aligned in their expectations and predictions for the NFC East division. The Cowboys are favored to win the division, which is also the case when looking at NFC East winner odds at BetMGM. The margin is, however, not as big as you might have thought it be and both the Eagles and the Commanders have a reasonable chance of chasing down the Cowboys and claiming the top seed. For more odds on the upcoming NFL season and the NFC East division, check out BetMGM where you find endless betting odds opportunities.

Author: Dan Anderson