GUIDE: How to Watch the MLS on TV, Streaming and more

GUIDE: How to Watch the MLS on TV, Streaming and more

Watching Major League Soccer (MLS) has never been more exciting, with players such as Luis Suarez, Hugo Lloris and Luis Muriel joining an ever-growing list of stars that already includes players like Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Emil Forsberg. With heroes from around the world combining with homegrown talent, the MLS has never been stronger, but fans will find less action available on traditional cable networks than in previous years. Therefore, finding the right viewing options is crucial for fans looking to immerse themselves in the action.

In this guide, we will breakdown the current landscape of watching the MLS, providing you with all the necessary information to enjoy another season of the beautiful game.

Table of contents:

  • Overview of Viewing Options
  • Comparision of Services
  • MLS Season Pass
  • Editor's Choice
  • Watch MLS for Free
  • Season Schedule and Important Dates

Editorial rating (4.3/5)
Apple TV+
Service type: Streaming
Price: $12.99/mo.($69.99/season)
Benefit: 7 days free trial

Overview of Viewing Options

Despite there being fewer games shown on traditional cable networks this year, there are still several options to choose from. We will go into each one in more detail throughout this article, but here are your primary options to choose from:

Detailed Comparison of Services

Cable and Satellite Options

If you are hoping to rely on cable and satellite options for your MLS viewing experience, then Fox is your only option in the US. The removal of MLS matches from other regional sports networks means that there are fewer options in this category and that you will only be able to view games that are broadcasted nationally on Fox Sports, Fox Sports 1 or Fox Deportes.

If you don’t have a provider that will deliver these channels to you, then Verizon Fios TV Packages will give you Fox and up to almost 600 additional channels from $75 a month. Alternatively, DirecTV was named by as their best option for Sports. Their packages range from $69.99 to $159.99 a month, offering Fox Sports and many other channels.

MLS Season Pass

As a result of the reduction of games on cable television, many people are instead looking in the direction of streaming services. Apple TV hosts their MLS Season Pass, which allows subscribers to watch every single game, both live and on-demand, without blackout restrictions. It is available through the Apple TV App and can be watched on Apple devices, Smart TVs, Roku Streaming devices, Fire TV, Google TV, PlayStation and XBOX.

MLS Season Pass is not automatically included in your Apple TV subscription, but you will get a slight discount if you are an Apple TV subscriber. The associated prices are as follows:

  • If you’re not an Apple TV+ subscriber: $14.99/month or $69/season.
  • If you’re an Apple TV+ subscriber: $12.99/month or $59/season.

Other Streaming Options

If Apple TV doesn’t excite you and you don’t want to pay that much for access to MLS games only, then you can look in the direction of other streaming platforms. For example, the likes of fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV all host Fox Sports channels, amongst countless other exciting options. These are much more expensive options than the MLS Season Pass, but you do get a lot more bang for your buck.

Editorial rating (4.2/5)
Fubo Sports US
Service type: TV Streaming Service
Price: Basic Plan from $79.99/mo.
Benefit: 7 Days Free Trial

Editor’s Choice:

When it comes to choosing your package for watching MLS, you have to consider what is most important to you. If you need access to every single game, then Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass is the way forward. This is the only service that will give you access to every single game, and it will set you back between $12.99 and $14.99 a month depending on if you already have an Apple TV subscription.

If MLS Season Pass doesn’t sound like the right package for you, then there are other streaming options to choose from. However, you have to be comfortable with missing a fair few games, as Fox Sports will only be carrying 34 regular-season matches, eight playoff matches and the MLS Championship Cup. If you can live with that, then you can opt for a Satellite TV package like DirecTV Entertainment for $64.99 a month, which will give you the best value.

Diehard sports fans may want to upgrade to the Choice package for $84.99 a month, which will give access to additional sporting channels like NFL Network, CBS and Golf Channel.

How to Watch the MLS for Free

When it comes to watching MLS games for free, there aren’t too many options to shout about. Finding somewhere that shows Fox Sports by using an over-the-air antenna is one, but you will be dependent on there being a Fox station in your area. One way of doing that is by visiting the Reception Map Tool by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and entering your Zip code. If you are lucky enough to be in range, then finding a suitable antenna will allow you to stream any MLS games shown on Fox.

The only other way to watch for free is by cleverly utilizing free trials. Apple TV, unfortunately, ended an offer for a one-month free trial of MLS Season Pass on April 5th, but it is worth keeping an eye out for any others with them. Regarding the other streaming services, most offer a 7-day free trial. By signing up for these one after another, you can give yourself a period of free MLS action.

PLEASE NOTE, it is very important that you remember to cancel your free trial when it ends, otherwise you will be charged, and it’s not cheap.

MLS on

If you are looking to leverage free trials to watch MLS action, then you might be wondering how best to time it. Well, our website easily displays all the information you need to plan out your viewing. We list every single game and the platforms that they are shown on, so you can easily see what channels or platforms you need to watch your favorite team. We also include the betting odds and links to the live markets to make life as easy as possible for you.

Season Schedule and Important Dates:

  • February 21st: Season start
  • July 24th: MLS All-Star Game
  • July 26th - August 25th: Leagues Cup Break
  • October 9th: Decision Day - Season finishes
  • October 25th: Playoffs start
  • December 7th: MLS Cup

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