AFC South 2022 Divisional Winner Odds

AFC South 2022 Division Winner Odds

Next in order is the AFC South where the Indianapolis Colts hope to find back to a game winning play and avoid missing out on the playoffs for two consecutive seasons. The AFC South feels much like a two-team race with the Colts and Titans levels ahead of the Texans and Jaguars. Last season, the Colts struggled with the quarterback position but after having strengthened up on that position with Matt Ryan they should be ready to push for the Divisional Championship.

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AFC South Division Winner Odds

Indianapolis Colts -105
Tennessee Titans +135
Jacksonville Jaguars +700
Houston Texans +2500


Indianapolis Colts

Replacing quarterback Carson Wentz with Matt Ryan after last season can prove to be a decisive move by the Colts who have now got one of the league’s best quarterbacks on their hands. After lacking stability and a solid foundation last year, the Colts should now be able to make use of Ryan’s superb abilities and once again be in contention for the divisional championship.

Since the AFC South division is pretty much about the Colts and Titans, it makes sense to compare the two sides head-to-head and analyze who has the easiest playing schedule. As later discussed in this text, the Titans have a truly challenging schedule between week 9 and 13 which might result in not reaching the projected two-digits of total wins. If the Colts can take a leap and improve from last season as we expect them to do, this should be enough to claim the top rank in the division and make a long-awaited return to the playoffs. The Colts are also having the third easiest playing schedule in the league when looking at projected total wins.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (-140)
Under 9.5 (+115)

Colts Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Tennessee Titans

The Titans were the sole playoff team from the AFC South last season and to be honest it wasn’t any major achievement. In a season where the Colts were struggling and the Jaguars and Texans had nothing to do with the playoffs it was more a matter of being the least worse in order to reach the playoffs. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill found himself playing below his level several times and had more interceptions last season than he had in his previous two. If this is a sign of what to come, then the Titans will have a difficult task going head-to-head with the Colts for the divisional championship.

Luckily, the Titans won't have to worry too much about the two other teams in the division and will therefore have a realistic chance of once again reaching the playoffs. However, the Titans playing schedule is far more challenging than the Colts’ and between week 9 and 13 (Chiefs, Broncos, Packers, Bengals, Eagles) they’re probably not going to be favored in any of their matchups. If they can pick up a good start and perhaps win all four divisional games against the Jaguars and Texans, then they should have a good shot at the playoffs.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (+105)
Under 9.5 (-125)

Titans Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Jacksonville Jaguars

Things are looking better for the Jaguars after ending their partnership with Urban Meyer and recruiting new manager Doug Pederson. The Super Bowl-winning coach will have a lot on his list before the Jaguars are ready to challenge for the playoffs but being on the right track is better than last year. Some interesting additions to the squad in Travon Walker and Devin Lloyd can speed up the reformation of the team even more and if quarterback Trewor Lawrance can continue on his development in year two, the Jaguars might actually surprise one or two this season.

Despite the new player recruits and a new manager, we feel that the 2022 season comes too soon to expect any major miracles. The Jaguars won't probably have anything to do with the playoffs and both the Colts and Titans are rightfully considered as stronger teams. Last season’s 3-13 record, however, is something we expect them to improve significantly this season and they should at least be able to finish third ranked in the AFC South division.

Win total projection:

Over 6.5 (+105)
Under 6.5 (-125)

Jaguars Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Houston Texans

The Texans have the lowest win projection (4.5) for the upcoming season and it might tell us a bit about where we should expect this team to finish the season. They just managed to reach 4 wins last season and we cant see how they are going to find one additional upset in the 2022 season. Quarterback Davis Mills made his rookie season last year and perhaps he can be one of few positive surprises for the Texans this season. The potential is there but the question is if it’s the right environment for such inexperienced  and young talent to be in where the number of losses each season could take its toll on the morale. As if the challenge wasn't tough enough, the Texans schedule is also one of the most difficult in the league, leaving them with few grasps to doing something good out of this season. We believe under 4.5 wins is the side offering value here and expect another struggling season for the Texans.

Win total projection:

Over 4.5 (-105)
Under 4.5 (-115)

Texans Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

AFC South Odds

The Colts are clear favorite to claim the first spot in the AFC South division. Odds to win the AFC South can be found at BetMGM and second behind the Colts are the Titans followed by the Jaguars. Our feeling is that the Colts will have absolutely no problem finishing top of the table and that's why we pick them to win the division, odds -105.

Author: Dan Anderson