Who Is Houston Texans Quarterback?

Davis Mills is the Texans quarterback. When Deshaun Watson was ruled inactive, Mills was named second in the pecking order to replace Watson as the team's quarterback.

Coming first was Tyrod Taylor. Mills' NFL debut came in the 2021 season's week two against the Cleveland Browns when Taylor sustained an injury, and he had to replace him from the bench. Although the team lost the game, Mills put in an impressive performance as he managed to pull an interception, a touchdown, and throw for 102 yards.

The fixture of the following week saw the Texans square out with the Carolina Panthers, a game that saw Mills handed his starting debut. During the game, he had a touchdown and a 168-yard throw. However, their opponents proved too strong, winning the match 20-9. The week four fixture was against the Buffalo Bills, a game in which Mills struggled to impress. He completed only 87 yards, four interceptions, and 11 or 21 passes. In the following week, Mills bounced back by completing 21 or 29 passes and 312 yards. He hit three touchdowns. In this game, the Texans still lost narrowly to the New England Patriots (22-25).

When Taylor returned from injury in week five, Mills resumed his backup duties until the week 13 fixture against the Indianapolis Colts. After replacing Taylor in the match, Mills went on to start all the remaining games of the season. Despite the Texans winning only two games in the entire season, Mills set a record for rookie passing yards at 2,664.

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Author: Dan Anderson