GUIDE: How to Watch the Premier League on TV & Streaming

GUIDE: How to Watch the Premier League on TV & Streaming

The most viewed sports league in the world will be returning to action this August, with teams up and down the Premier League table set for an exciting summer transfer window once the Euros and Copa America have concluded.

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Changes towards the top of the league table should provide some entertainment, as new management for Liverpool and Chelsea contrasting the continuity at Aston Villa, Manchester United and Arsenal may hopefully challenge the Manchester City hegemony. Pep Guardiola’s cryptic remarks about his future at the club will have fans around the world rejoicing at the prospect of seeing any other team lift the trophy come May.

The Premier League 2024-25 season will be a cracker, and we want to make sure that you will be adequately prepared to keep up with all of the action once things kick off.

  • Season Start Date: 17 August, 2024
  • Season End Date: 25 May, 2025
  • Current Champions: Manchester City FC (8th Premier League Title)
  • Promoted Teams: Leicester City FC, Ipswich Town FC, Southampton FC (playoff)
  • TV Coverage: NBC, NBCSports, NBC Universal, TUDN, USA Network
  • Streaming Coverage: FuboTV, Peacock, YouTubeTV, SlingTV, USA Network*

Overview of Viewing Options

  • Cable and Satellite: DirectTV, Xfinity, Dish
  • Streaming: FuboTV, YouTubeTV, Peacock, USA Network, SlingTV

Unfortunately, streaming all of the Premier League games for one team, let alone the entire season in the United States is not the most intuitive endeavor. All of the big primetime matchups are available on the NBC, TUDN or USA channels, while all the rest of the Premier League games are exclusively streamed on Peacock. This means that if you want to watch every game, you need a combination of Peacock with another one of the options presented below, otherwise you will only have access to the primetime games, or conversely, only be able to watch those out of market and a handful of marquee matchups that are shown on NBC instead of USA.

Detailed Comparison


DirectTV’s plans range from $69.99/month to $159.99/month, with NBC, TUDN and USA network available on all plans.

Xfinity on the other hand, offers an Ultimate Plan for $68.50 a month which covers all of the NBC, TUDN and USA network offerings as well. Xfinity has other cable plans which are paired with internet services, but the ultimate plan is the most affordable by some margin with the added benefit that it can be canceled at any time.

Dish has plans ranging from $84.99/month to $114.99/month, but only plans worth $104.99/month and up offer all of the necessary options to catch the primetime Premier League games.


As far as streaming goes, FuboTV, Youtube TV and SlingTV offer the trio of NBC, TUDN and USA at various price points.

FuboTV starts from $79.99/month going up to $99.99/month, with this highest tier including subscriptions to Paramount Plus and Showtime. They also offer a Latino plan for $32.99/month which provides TUDN’s coverage of the league along with 62 other Spanish-Language channels.

YouTube TV currently has a promotion, where it costs $57.99/month for your first 3 months, then it returns to the standard $72.99/month.

SlingTV only includes the USA and NBC networks in its “Blue Plan”, which they are currently running a promotion for at $35 for your first month, which will rise to $45/month thereafter. The plan includes 44 channels in total, and can be paired with their “Orange Plan” for $50/month and 7 extra channels.

Peacock will require a premium plan to watch live Premier League games, which costs either $5.99/month or $19.99/year for a limited time. It shows all of the out of market games, along with primetime games shown on NBC live. The headlining games shown live on USA network are not shown concurrently on Peacock. Instead, replays and highlights of those matches are posted shortly after the final whistle on the streaming platform.

The USA Network App allows you to stream the games shown exclusively on USA, but you must already have a cable plan that includes the USA channel to begin with.

Editor’s Choice

Given the nature of the Premier League broadcasting rights in the US, to catch every game next season you will need to pair the Peacock Premium plan for out of market games with one of the other options for all of the primetime games.

The most affordable option, which is the one I would personally recommend, is a combination of the SlingTV Blue Plan with a Peacock Premium annual plan. That would be a one time fee of $19.99 and a monthly charge of $45, apart from the first month which would be $35.

If you are a dedicated fan of a specific team, this is the only way to catch all of your team’s games LIVE. Otherwise, if you are comfortable watching fresh replays of the primetime games, Peacock Premium alone may suffice.

How to Watch for Free

FuboTV offers a free week-long trial, with access to NBC and USA networks. Finding those out of market games for free will be tougher, unless Peacock runs a promotion offering a free trial in the near future.

Though it’s not free, their current offer of $19.99 for an entire year is a steal, considering the normal price is $59.99 per year.