Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 information

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus all the sports that we cover have been put on hold and we therefore don't have any TV schedule to show. As soon as the games are back on again you'll find the TV schedules for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS for USA and Canada. Take care of yourself and each other! Please find additional information for each league below:


The Spring Training was interrupted and the start of the season has been delayed. The league monitors the situation and the clubs are commited to play as many games as possible when the season can start again. Please find more information here.


The NBA season will resume its season and have set target of July 31 for when the games will start. The chosen location for where all the games will be played is Disney World in Orlando. The teams will begin their training camp on June 30 and then they will travel to Orlando on July 7. We think this is fantastic news and are looking forward for the remainder of the season! Please find more information here.


All NHL games were suspended on March 12 with 189 games remaining of the regular season. The league is monitoring the situation and hopes to resume play 'as soon as it is appropriate'. Please find more information here.


On March 19 MLS informed that all games were suspended and the target return date is currently May 10. This is of course, subject to change. Please find more information here.