UFC 300 Rumours - Potential Fight Card, Date and Channels

UFC 300 Rumours - Potential Fight Card, Date and Channels

The UFC have yet to announce a date for the mega event that will be UFC 300. The fight card and date is expected to be presented within two months, so until then, let's have a look at some of the best matchups the UFC can make to give the fans a night to remember.

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How to watch UFC 300 on TV or stream?

For more information on where to watch the UFC or what events are up next our best suggestion is to visit our UFC information page on the promotion.

Mcgregor - Micheal Chandler

The long awaited return of the notorious one may finally take place at UFC 300 and the most logical opponent is Micheal Chandler. The two shared the stage as coaches in an entertaining season of the ultimate fighter in the summer of 2023.

Both are exceptionally exciting fighters that are always looking for a highlight, which makes this fight perfect for the big stage at UFC 300.

At what weight will Mcgregor - Chandler be?

Mcgregor has spoken about welterweight quite a lot in interviews and media, a weight class that the notorious has yet to conquer. If he is able to defeat Micheal Chandler, Dana White and the UFC might even give their superstar a chance to fight Leon Edwards for the title.

Tom Aspinall - Stipe Miocic

The recently crowned interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall could potentially face the former heavyweight king Stipe Miocic in a bout that could either make Stipe Miocic one of the greatest of all time or skyrocket Tom Aspinall as the new champion.

What happens with Jon Jones?

Dana White recently confirmed that Jones will not be able to compete for at least eight months after a torn tendon. Although this is disappointing it sets up a perfect fight for his return if Aspinall and Miocic have a bout in the meantime.

Khamzat Chimaev - Israel Adesanya

After a tough loss against Sean Strickland the former middleweight champion could really prove himself in a fight against the super hyped Khamzat Chimaev, who probably gets a title shot if he is able to win. This is the most exciting fight the Ufc can make without a title on the line and a bout that could easily be a main event on its own. Khamzat coming off a win against Usman and Adesanya suffering a defeat makes this a perfect story either way the fight goes. It could be the redemption and comeback of the former champion or it could become the beginning of Chimaevs run to the title, where he would be nothing less than undisputed.

Israel Adesanya - Alex Pereira 3 (Light Heavyweight)

The middleweight division is not Adesanya’s only option, in fact, he has mentioned the light heavyweight division on multiple occasions and with his arch nemesis Alex Periera as the Champion there is no better time for the two to go at it one last time.

They have faced each other twice in the UFC, in two fights that brought fireworks with Pereira winning the first one and Adesansya getting his revenge in the second bout.

Those fights were at middleweight, but given the size of the two and the lack of stars in the division, the ufc will most likely make this fight at light heavyweight. It is possible that the UFC will want Adesanya to have a belt of his own before this fight gets made however as this creates a double champion.

Author: Joel Fredmark