Top 10 Longest Field Goals in NFL History 🏈

Top 10 Longest Field Goals in NFL History

A powerful and accurate field goal can be just as satisfying as any other goal scoring in an NFL game. Throughout the NFL's history we have seen a number of unforgettable kicks from long range that have sealed all the way through the goalposts. Next, we present you with the 10 longest field goals to have ever been scored in the history of the NFL.

10. Stephen Gostkowski vs. Vikings (62-yard)

A relatively recent field goal which should be fresh in mind for most NFL fans. It was in 2021 when Stephen Gostkowski’s Cardinals faced the Vikings in Mexico City that the placekicker lined up for an incredible 62-yard kick. The performance is further impressive considering that the game was played 7 280 feets above sea level.

9. Matt Bryant vs. Eagles (62-yard)

Back in 2006 when Matt Bryant and his Buccaneers faced the Philadelphia Eagles, the placekicker stepped forward in the last sequence of the game and sealed the victory for the Buccaneers with an unforgettable 62-yard kick. Matt Bryant went on to play for five different NFL sides during his career but without doubt, this is his most memorable field goal.

8. Brett Mayer vs. Eagles (63-yard)

In the rivalry matchup between the Cowboys and the Eagles, Brett Mayer hit one of the most remarkable field goals when he scored from 63 yards. In fact, the kick would have been long enough to score a 66-yard goal which would have given him the longest field goal in the history of the NFL.

7. Graham Gano vs. Giants (63-yard)

In the last seconds of the game between the Panthers and the Giants, Graham Gano, at this time with the Panthers, scored an absolute beauty which saw his side win the game. The 63-yard field goal was scored in rough conditions with hard winds, though this wasn't enough to stop Gano from scoring this unforgettable kick.

6. David Akers vs. Packers (63-yard)

Few placekickers have been as successful as David Akers when it comes to scoring beautiful field goals and perhaps his goal against the Packers in 2012 was his best. In game week 1 he stepped up from 63 yards and hit the ball straight between the posts. The 49ers were to lose the Super Bowl later that season but Akers’ field goal was surely one thing to remember.

5. Sebastian Janikowski vs. Broncos (63-yard)

Janikowski was a polish native placekicker feared by most teams because of his extraordinarily long kicks. His best ever, might have been the one scored in a game between the Raiders and the Broncos from 63 yards. Even though Janikowski never went on to become a true legend within the game, he’s surely still remembered for his field goals.

4. Jason Elam vs. Jaguars (63-yard)

One of the best placekickers there has ever been in the NFL, Jason Elam, managed to win 2 Super Bowl championships in his career and scored a number of memorable field goals. The best? Probably the one scored back in 1998 against the Jaguars which measured 63 yards and was at that time tied with Tom Dempsey’s 28-year-old record.

3. Tom Dempsey vs. Lions (63-yard)

Potentially the most spectacular and impressive achievement on this list is Tom Dempsey’s record from 1970. Dempsey was a renowned field goal kicker and even more so because of his style of kicking the ball which didn't look like any other placekicker. With his unique shoes and style of play, Dempsey launched an incredible 63-yard kick which found itself between the posts. His record from 1970 remained the longest field goal in the NFL for 28 years.

2. Matt Prater vs. Titans (64-yard)

The second longest field goal in the history of the NFL was made back in 2013 when Matt Prater launched an unbelievable kick from 64 yards against the Titans for his Broncos. What seemed to be an unbreakable record for 43 years was surprisingly overtaken by Prater who was hugely praised for his achievement, though it’s no longer the number one on the list for the longest field goal in NFL history

1. Justin Tucker vs. Lions (66-yard)

8 years later, Justin Tucker did what no one seemed to believe was possible when he literally smashed the ball away for a 66-yard field goal which is the longest field goal to have ever been scored in the history of the NFL. Breaking the old record by another 2 yards is a remarkable performance considering that no one has ever been close to even breaking the 64-yard distance. It remains to be seen how long Tucker will have his record in place but it wouldn’t surprise us if this sticks for a long time ahead.

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Author: Dan Anderson