MLB Final Series 2020 – LA Dodgers one game from the trophy

LA Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays - 6th and possibly final game

Los Angeles Dodgers got one step closer to the title last night when they defeated Tampa Bay Rays in the fifth game of the MLB World Series. The Dodgers now have a 3-2 advantage and is only one win away from their seventh ever World Series trophy. Make sure to watch the sixth and possibly final game of this MLB season tomorrow night, local time. has got you covered with the right channel and streaming service!

Game 5 – As it happened

There’s no surprise that the World Series 2020 between Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays would become a tight affair. Both teams have shown what they’re capable of throughout the regular season and we’ve seen some great baseball games between the two so far in this World Series.

In the fifth game it was Los Angeles Dodgers who started best. The Dodgers went up to a 3-0 lead after three innings and even if The Rays added some nerves to the game by scoring two points in the fourth, the Dodgers could quite comfortable win the game with 4-2.

Worth mentioning from the game is that Randy Arozarena broke the record for the most hits in a single postseason, 28. It’s safe to say that Arozarena was one of the players you didn't see set this record before the postseason started.

Game 6 - One last push from The Dodgers

Looking forward to the sixth and possibly final game of the MLB World Series on Tuesday night it is clear that Los Angeles Dodgers are big favourites to win the title. Odds from different bookmakers shows that it’s the Dodgers title to lose now. Tampa Bay Rays will have to come up with something special now if they want to break this series.

Game 1 – LA Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays 8-3
Game 2 – LA Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays 4-6
Game 3 – Tampa Bay Rays vs LA Dodgers 2-6
Game 4 – Tampa Bay Rays vs LA Dodgers 8-7
Game 5 – Tampa Bay Rays vs LA Dodgers 2-4
Game 6 – LA Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays

No team has so far won two consecutive games, something that might speak for a seventh and final game in this World Series. LA Dodgers have felt like the stronger team when watching the games and just like the odds are telling us, it would come as a big surprise if the Rays manage to turn this around.

Even if none of the teams have been lifting the Word Series trophy for many years, LA Dodgers is the team with some experience here. They were in the final series both 2017 and 2018 and even if they didn’t manage to win, they know what it takes to go all the way. For Tampa Bay Rays this is the second only appearance in the World Series, latest 2008.

Make sure to tune in for the sixth game of the 2020 World Series tomorrow, Tuesday, night local time. Use to get all the info you need about the right channel, stream and time. The TV-guide automatically adjust the time to your position and time zone.