How to watch the MLB draft 2023

How to watch the MLB draft 2023

The MLB Draft 2023 is the ultimate gateway for talented baseball players to enter the big leagues. This thrilling event is scheduled to take place during the MLB All-Star Week, adding to the excitement of the Midsummer Classic. If you're a baseball enthusiast, you'll want to catch every moment of the draft, as well as other related festivities.

This comprehensive guide will enable you to watch the MLB Draft 2023 without missing a beat. We'll cover essential details such as the draft schedule, channels broadcasting the event, best TV plans, streaming options, and more. So, let's dive in!

MLB Draft 2023: Event Schedule and Location

The MLB Draft 2023 is set to occur during the All-Star Week in July at the Lumen Field in Seattle, Washington. Various other significant draft events will take place before the main event. We'll keep you updated with the latest information on the schedule as it becomes available.

Channels Broadcasting the MLB Draft 2023

MLB Network will air the first day of the draft, while ESPN will also provide coverage for Round 1. To catch the remaining two days of the event, you can stream it for free on and the MLB app. Check out the complete MLB Draft schedule here.

MLB Draft 2023 Selection Order

The Pittsburgh Pirates secured the top spot in the 2023 MLB Draft after winning the lottery in December. To view the complete Round 1 draft order, as well as other rounds, including incentive and compensation picks, visit MLB's 2023 Draft Order page at the MLB official website.

Best TV Plans for Watching the MLB Draft

Choosing the ideal TV plan for the MLB Draft depends on how much additional coverage you desire. Sling TV's Sling Orange plan, combined with the Sports Extra add-on, offers the most affordable option at $51 per month. This package includes access to ESPN and MLB Network. However, you won't get FOX for viewing the MLB All-Star Game.

To receive FOX, consider using an over-the-air (OTA) antenna, provided you're within range of a local affiliate station. Alternatively, for a short-term solution, you can try a live TV streaming free trial. fuboTV, for instance, offers a seven-day free trial, and its Elite plan includes FOX, ESPN, and MLB Network.

TV Providers Offering the MLB Draft

Most TV providers will broadcast the opening rounds of the MLB Draft via ESPN and MLB Network. However, accessing MLB Network may require a higher-tier plan or additional package.

How to Watch the MLB Draft for Free

The good news is that you can watch the majority of the MLB Draft for free on and the MLB app. However, you'll need a TV provider to view the first two rounds on ESPN and MLB Network.

Live TV streaming services, such as fuboTV and YouTube TV, offer various free trials. We recommend trying fuboTV's Elite plan during the MLB All-Star Week if you haven't signed up before. This plan grants access to Day 1 of the MLB Draft, the Home Run Derby, and the MLB All-Star Game. Just remember to cancel before the trial period expires to avoid any charges.

Can I watch the MLB Draft on my phone?

You can watch the MLB Draft on your phone using the MLB app. You'll need a TV provider login to watch Day 1 via MLB Network, but all other days will stream for free within the app.

Final Thoughts

To watch the MLB Draft 2023 on TV, you'll need access to MLB Network for the first day and ESPN for Round 1. MLB Network will also cover Round 2. The second and third draft days are available for free streaming on and the MLB app.

Sling TV's Sling Orange plan ($40 per month) with the Sports Extra add-on ($11 per month) offers the most affordable way to access MLB Network. However, if you only require short-term access to Day 1 of the MLB Draft, consider signing up for a free fuboTV trial. With fuboTV's Elite plan, you can watch multiple All-Star Week events, including the MLB Draft, on FOX, ESPN, and MLB Network.

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Author: Dan Anderson