List: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About The NFL

10 Things You Didn't Know About The NFL

The NFL is regarded as one of the wealthiest sports leagues in the world and is probably the most followed league in the US. Despite its overwhelming popularity among fans from all over the nation, there are still notable things about the NFL that aren’t widely known to even the most hardened supporters. In this text we’ll provide you with what we believe are the 10 most essential, or non-essential, things about the NFL that every fan should be aware of. Let’s start!

1. How to measure the hand size in the NFL?

The hand size of a player in the NFL is measured from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the pinky finger while the hand is stretched out. While it’s quite obvious how a larger hand size can be beneficial for a player in the NFL, the advantage is still primarily depending on the quality of the player and the ability to use the larger hand size in the best possible way.

2. How much do cheerleaders make?

A cheerleader’s salary depends heavily on the number of games per season. While some teams may pay their cheerleaders up to $75 000 per season, there are those who earn way below. In some cases cheerleaders are said to be earning less than $10 000 per season and this is the reason why a majority wish to see a minimum salary to be implemented. After all, the cheerleaders have always played a vital role in the NFL by delivering entertainment and lots of energy during the commercial breaks and halftime shows.

3. Who is the oldest player in the NFL?

Tom Brady is currently the oldest player in the NFL with an age of 44 years. After having announced his retirement after the season in 2022, he was later withdrawing the plan of retirement and instead confirmed his commitment to the Buccaneer for at least another season. Tom Brady is truly one of the greatest NFL players to have ever entered the pitch and with 7 Super Bowl championships to his name, there’s no one who could ever doubt his influence on NFL history.

4. Who owns the NFL?

The NFL as an entity is runned and owned by the franchises themselves. In fact, the NFL doesn’t have a sole owner, though it’s owned through a dual ownership shared between the teams featured in the league.

5. What’s the largest attendance at an NFL game?

The largest attendance to ever be present at an NFL game up until today is 105 121 people. The record was set back in 2009 in a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants at the AT&T Stadium. Normally the AT&T Stadium holds a capacity of 80 000 people, though it offers the possibility of further expansion to host more than 105 000 visitors.

While 105 121 is an impressive number of people inside a stadium, it still comes short against the all-time attendance record for an American football game. It was back in 2016 when the University of Tennessee Volunteers faced the Virginia Tech Hokies in Bristol, Tennessee. Just over 130 000 people watched the game, commonly known as the Battle at Bristol, live inside the Bristol Motor Speedway.

6. What is the highest score in an NFL game?

The highest score in an NFL game is 113 points which was set in a game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants in 1966. The score in the game was 72-41 in favor of the Redskins. The second highest score in an NFL game was recorded in more recent years when the Cincinnati Bengals outscored the Cleveland Browns 58-48, a total of 106 points.

While high scoring games happen now and then in the NFL, it’s rare that we see any scores anyway near the ones mentioned above. The average score in an NFL game is around 48 points.

7. What is the NFL salary cap for the 2022 season?

The salary cap for the 2022 NFL season is $202.8 million. This is the amount that each club can spend on salaries in the upcoming season and is mutually agreed upon between the franchises and the players.

8. How big is an NFL field in yards?

An NFL field measures 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. Between the two goal lines are 300 feet and accordingly the two end zones measure 30 feet each.

9. How many players are there in an NFL roster?

An NFL roster is limited to 53 players while only 46 of these players can be available for an NFL game. Normally, not all of the 53 players are used in a single season and teams tend to fill up the last positions in their roster with either young talented college players or experienced veterans who can come into play in case of an injury.

10. What teams have had a perfect season in the NFL winning all their games?

The only team to ever have had a so called perfect season, winning all games in the regular season and the playoffs, is the Miami Dolphins back in 1972. While the Dolphins is the only team to complete an undefeated regular season with winning the Super Bowl championship, a couple of other teams have managed to go through the whole regular season with a 100% win record.

The Dolphins perfect season from 1972 is still regarded as one of the most impressive achievements in the history of the NFL. Head coach at that time was Don Shula and their opponents in the final game of the season at the Super Bowl game was the Washington Redskins.

Author: Dan Anderson