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The NASCAR Cup Series doesn’t need any further presentation. Whether you’re a fan of motorsports or not, you’ve probably came across the top racing series taking place all over the US. High speeds, powerful cars and followed by millions of fans – What could possibly not be worth liking with the NASCAR Cup Series? All races are shown live on TV and live streaming and Livesportsontv.com is the guide use. Check out the NASCAR Cup Series TV schedule here and find out how you can watch the upcoming races.

The NASCAR Cup Series

The NASCAR Cup Series has been running since 1949. The series has been referred to as the NASCAR Winston Cup Series (1971-2003), the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series (2004-2007) and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (2017-2019) but since the 2020 season the naming rights are no longer subject to sponsorship deals.

The NASCAR Cup Series is the top division of NASCAR racing and a division for only the best drivers. The cars can reach speeds of over 200mph and there’s a total of 36 races per season. It takes a lot to be a NASCAR driver on this level and the pressure is hardly comparable to anything else driving cars with relatively poor handling in high speeds.

The season is divided into two segments where only the 16 best drivers get to race in the second part of the season. The first segment is made up of 26 races where the drivers get points according to finish placements and number of laps led. After the 26 races are completed the 16 best drivers will be seeded according to their table position. The final part of the season, the NASCAR Playoffs, consists of ten races where the difference in points is much less. The driver who’s picked up the most points after the final ten races is rewarded the driver’s championship trophy. Drivers’ Championship – This award is given to the driver with the most points after a completed season. The points are based on race results and number of victories. Owners’ Championship – Same as the drivers’ championship but the owners’ championship will be based on each cars season record. If a driver is representing more than one car during the season each car will be viewed as a separate contestant. Manufactures’ Championship – The manufactures’ championship will be handed out to the most successful manufacturer after a finished season. Chevrolet is the most successful manufacturer as it stands followed by Ford and Toyota.

The NASCAR Cup Series tracks

There are a total of 36 races during the NASCAR Cup Series season. The races are spread out over the US and while most of the tracks can be found in the eastern states some races are held in other parts of the country. The shape of the tracks varies and can be oval, egg-shaped, tri-oval, triangular and rectangular. Common for the majority of the races is that the drivers are running counterclockwise. Only on Sonoma Raceway and Watkins Glen International do the drivers run clockwise. All courses except three, as of the 2021 season, are paved with asphalt, the rest is paved with concrete. Last time the NASCAR Cup Series was held on dirt tracks was back in 1970.

The NASCAR tracks are in many cases spectacular venues that belongs to some of the biggest and most high-capacity stadiums around the world. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is as of today the highest-capacity sports venue in the world with a capacity of staggering 257 325.
Sonoma Raceway – California, 47 000 seats, 2.52 miles Auto Club Speedway – California (Fontana), 68 000 seats, 2.00 miles Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Nevada, 116 000 seats, 1.544 miles Phoenix Raceway – Arizona, 42 000 seats, 1.022 miles Texas Motor Speedway – Texas, 181 655 seats, 1.440 miles Kansas Speedway – Kansas, 48 000 seats, 1.520 miles World Wide Technology Raceway – Illinois (Chicago), 78 000 seats, 1.250 miles Kentucky Speedway – Kentucky, 69 000 seats, 1.50 miles Talladega Superspeedway – Alabama, 80 000 seats, 2.660 miles Michigan International Speedway – Michigan, 56 000 seats, 2.00 miles Bristol Motor Speedway – Tennessee, 160 000 seats, 0.533 miles Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Indiana, 257 325 seats, 2.439 miles Atlanta Motor Speedway – Georgia, 111 000 seats, 1.540 miles Homestead Miami Speedway – Florida, 65 000 seats, 1.485 miles Daytona International Speedway – Florida, 101 000 seats, 2.50 miles Darlington Raceway – South Carolina, 47 000 seats, 1.366 miles Charlotte Motor Speedway – North Carolina, 94 000 – 171 000 seats, 1.50 miles & 2.280 miles Martinsville Speedway – Virginia, 44 000 seats, 0.526 miles Richmond Raceway – Virginia, 51 000 seats, 0.750 miles Dover International Speedway – Delaware, 54 000 seats, 1.00 miles Pocono Raceway – Pennsylvania, 76 800 seats, 2.50 miles Watkins Glen International – New York, 41 000 seats, 2.45 miles New Hampshire Motor Speedway – New Hampshire (Loudon), 88 000 seats, 1.058 miles

Where can I watch the NASCAR Cup Series live on TV & Live Streaming?

The NASCAR Cup Series is running almost all year around with the season beginning in February and the last playoff race taking place in November. The races are shown live on TV and live streaming, on regional and national channels. If you’re fan of NASCAR and want to find out how to watch the upcoming races live, use Livesportsontv.com and the NASCAR Cup Series streaming schedule. The NASCAR Cup Series TV schedule will be updated as soon as there’re any broadcasting updates. The service is simple and easy to use as you have access to the NASCAR Cup Series streaming schedule on your computer, phone and tablet.

The broadcasting rights for the NASCAR Cup Series are currently held by Fox Sports and TSN. Use the TV and streaming schedule in order to find the right channels and streams for your region. All Fox Sports content will be available on Fox Sports Go, an app where you can watch some of the best and most popular sports live on the go.