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Sun, Mar 03, 2024

From its humble beginnings as a soccer-focused streaming platform, FuboTV has evolved into a comprehensive live TV streaming service offering a plethora of channels, add-ons, and unique features. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about FuboTV, from its channel lineup and pricing to its DVR capabilities and compatibility.

FuboTV - A Brief Overview

Launched in 2015, FuboTV initially positioned itself as the "Netflix for soccer." However, it has since broadened its horizons to become a full-fledged TV streaming destination. Despite this expansion, the service remains true to its roots and continues to provide extensive coverage of soccer and other sports.

FuboTV is not just for sports enthusiasts. It also offers a wide range of entertainment, news, and children's channels, making it a viable option for cord-cutters looking for a comprehensive and diverse TV experience.

FuboTV Plans and Pricing

FuboTV offers several subscription options, each with different channel counts and features. Here's a breakdown of FuboTV's current English-language base plans:
  • Pro: Available for $74.99 a month, the Pro plan delivers over 150 channels along with 1000 hours of cloud DVR storage. Subscribers can also stream on up to 10 screens simultaneously at home.
  • Elite: Priced at $84.99 a month, the Elite plan offers the same features as the Pro plan, but also includes the Fubo Extra and News Plus add-ons and access to 4K content.
  • Premier: For $94.99 a month, the Premier plan provides everything included in the Elite plan, plus nine SHOWTIME channels.

FuboTV also caters to Spanish-speaking viewers with its Latino package, which costs $32.99 a month and includes 45+ channels, 250 DVR hours, and two simultaneous streams.

It's worth noting that FuboTV's pricing can be affected by a regional sports fee, which varies depending on your location and the number of regional sports networks (RSNs) you receive.

Channel Lineup

FuboTV boasts an impressive lineup of over 220 live channels, including a wide variety of sports, entertainment, and news channels. Sports coverage includes league channels like NBA TV, NHL Network, and NFL Network.

Cable entertainment staples such as Syfy, HGTV, FX, Comedy Central, and USA Network are all available on FuboTV. News lovers can tune into MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, and Cheddar News.

However, it's worth noting that FuboTV lacks a few notable entertainment channels, including Cartoon Network, TBS, and TNT.

FuboTV's lineup also includes local channels, although availability varies by location.

Add-On Packages

To further enhance your viewing experience, FuboTV offers a range of add-on packages. These include premium channels like SHOWTIME, STARZ, and MGM+ as well as genre-specific packages like Sports Plus with NFL RedZone, Adventure Plus, and News Plus.

International viewers are also catered for with packages like Latino Plus, RAI Italia, Portuguese Plus, and TV5MONDE.

Features and Specs

FuboTV's features and specs make it a competitive choice in the live TV streaming market. All of its English-language base plans come with 1000 hours of cloud DVR space, enabling you to record and store your favorite shows and sports events.

Simultaneous streaming is another strong point for FuboTV, with the Pro, Elite, and Premier plans allowing for 10 streams on the same home network.

As for device compatibility, FuboTV can be streamed across a wide array of platforms, including Amazon Fire, Android devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, iPhones, iPads, LG TVs, Roku devices, Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox consoles.

Video and Audio Quality

FuboTV delivers HD streaming at a standard resolution of 720p/60 fps, which is on par with other live TV streaming services. Some on-demand content is available at a higher resolution of 1080p.

Unique to FuboTV is its offering of 4K sports streaming for certain events on NBC, FOX, and FS1. Audio-wise, FuboTV provides standard 2.0 stereo audio.

Is FuboTV Worth It?

If you're a sports fan, particularly of soccer and international sports, FuboTV could be the streaming service for you. However, for those seeking a comprehensive cable substitute, its lack of certain entertainment channels might be a drawback.

Ultimately, the value of FuboTV depends on your viewing preferences. If your primary concern is live sports coverage with a side of general entertainment, news, and children's programming, FuboTV could be an excellent choice.

In conclusion, FuboTV offers a compelling package for sports enthusiasts and general TV viewers alike. With its extensive channel lineup, robust sports coverage, and unique features, it's a worthy option for cord-cutters seeking a comprehensive live TV streaming service.

You can find more information about FuboTV, including its upcoming live sports broadcasts on Live Sports on TV. Disclaimer: Prices and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Always check the FuboTV website for the most up-to-date information.