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Sun, Apr 14, 2024

With the Fox Sports App you will be able to watch every Fox Sports channel on your phone, computer or tablet. Further, you can cast any live program to your TV and watch it anywhere, whenever you want. Use the Fox Sports App programming schedule above and find out what upcoming games and other sporting events that are coming up live.

The Fox Sports App is available on App Store and Google Play, as well as on live streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Google Chromecast, fireTV and Android TV.

In order to watch live shows, games and other Fox Sports content via the Fox Sports App you need to have a pay TV provider providing you with the Fox Sports Network. The Fox Sports App itself is free to download and sets you up with loads of exclusive Fox Sports content once you’re logged in.

One of the key advantages with using the Fox Sports App is that you’re set up to watch loads of live sports in no time. Whether you’re a fan of the NBA, NHL or NFL, the Fox Sports App will most likely provide you with exclusive content of the sports you prefer.

Next, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Fox Sports App. Check if your question is listed below and save yourself the time of reaching out to the Fox Sports customer service.

Can you stream Fox Sports App to TV?

You can stream the Fox Sports App to TV with a number of different live streaming platforms. With streaming services like Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast you will be able to watch all Fox Sports content live on your TV via the Fox Sports App.

Where do I download the Fox Sports App?

Download the Fox Sports App from App Store or Google Play and start watching an unlimited amount of live sports. The app is free to download and gives you access to every Fox Sports channel as long as you have a payment TV provider with Fox Sports.

Is the Fox Sports App free?

The Fox Sports App is free to use, however, you will need to be a user of a payment TV provider supporting Fox Sports in order to watch the Fox Sports channels through the app.

What channels can I watch on the Fox Sports App?

With the Fox Sports App you can watch every Fox Sports channel live and on-demand. Make sure you get a payment TV provider that includes Fox Sports Network in its selection of channels and you’re good to go with the Fox Sports App.