NFC West 2022 Division Winner Odds, Predictions & Team Info

NFC West 2022 Division Winner Odds

The last division in our NFL division series is the NFC West, the best-performing division in the NFL last season and the only division represented by three teams in the playoffs, of which one went on to win the Super Bowl. The Rams, Cardinals and 49ers were all on the front last season reaching the playoffs. Will we see something similar this season or was last year's progress a one-season-thing ?

This is our eight and final NFL division guide for the upcoming season. Below you can find the previous guides providing you with the latest team news, NFL division winner odds and NFL predictions.

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NFC West Division Winner Odds

Los Angeles Rams +140
San Francisco 49ers +190
Arizona Cardinals +300
Seattle Seahawks +1000


Los Angeles Rams

The defending champions, LA Rams, will try to do what most teams don't manage, to replicate a Super Bowl winning season and become two-time champions in consecutive seasons. Last season was a great success for the Rams who finished with a 12-5 record in the regular season and advanced all the way to the Super Bowl where the Bengals were defeated on home ground.

The Rams will enter the 2022 season knowing that they have the toughest of playing schedules ahead of them. As Super Bowl champion, your opponents will have no problem finding that extra motivation to use against you and this season there’s no doubt that the Rams will be the team to beat.

We strongly believe, however, that the Rams with all their qualities got what it takes to win enough games to make it to the playoffs without any greater difficulty. With McVay and Donal back, along with last year’s key player Cooper Kupp, this team have enough strength to fight off any team in the league and should therefore not fear a challenging playing schedule. The total win projection of 10.5 means the Rams can afford to drop one more game compared to last season and that’s enough for us to pick the over.

Win total projection:

Over 10.5 (+100)
Under 10.5 (-120)

Rams Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a team we have a lot of faith in this season. Having impressed throughout last season and reaching all the way to the NFC Championship, the 49ers are really onto something and perhaps this is the season when it all comes together. Compared to the Rams, the 49ers won't have to worry about the aftermath of having won the Super Bowl. The playing schedule is significantly more comfortable and the feeling of revenge shouldn’t be underestimated after having lost to the Rams in the NFC Championship last season.

It’s an interesting roster the 49ers are directing over. Trey Lance possesses a huge potential and if the second-year quarterback can continue improving from last year, he could become a season decisive player for the 49ers.

Looking at the NFC West division winner odds as well as the Super Bowl winner odds, it’s clear that the 49ers are not far off from the very best and most favored franchises. The 49ers have been given a total win projection of 9.5 which means that if they only manage to repeat last year’s record of 10-7, they will reach enough wins to secure the over. As we stand firm in our belief of an improved side this season, this bet offers a great piece of value for anyone agreeing with this analysis.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (-140)
Under 9.5 (+115)

49ers Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals had another rollercoaster season last year when they started the campaign with seven straight wins, only to lose four out of their five last games. There were ups and downs for the Cardinals fans last year, though they managed to reach the playoffs and that has to be worth something. The Rams were too strong in the Wild Card playoffs but the Cardinals cant be said to have made anyone disappointed with reaching that far.

The NFC West division is a tough division and the fact that the Cardinals managed to pick up 11 wins shows what a great team they are. Last year's record, however, is one of the reasons for us to lean to the under this season as their total win projection of 9.5 feels slightly too optimistic. To expect the Cardinals to repeat last year's success is too much to hope for in our opinion, even more so considering that they will have to be without DeAndre Hopkins for the first six weeks.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (+135)
Under 9.5 (-165)

Cardinals Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Seattle Seahawks

Being the lone team from the NFC West that missed out on the playoffs last season was tough and the 2021 season wasn't one to remember for the Seahawks. The season record itself (7-10) was in fact not too bad, though being in a competitive division as the NFC West is hard as it gives you no room for mistakes and dropped wins. If you want to make it to the playoffs, you need to have a close to perfect season.

Of the four teams in the NFC West division we rank the Seahawks as the weakest side, even more so after Russell Wilson left for the Broncos. There are too many uncertainties around the Seahawks which makes us lean to the under with a total win projection of 5.5.

Let be that the total win projection gives room for one less win than last season but unfortunately we can see the Seahawks drop more than that. There are too many strong teams in the league that have improved their squads during the offseason and we cannot see the same improvements from the Seahawks.

Win total projection:

Over 5.5 (-140)
Under 5.5 (+115)

Seahawks Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

NFC West Odds

It’s going to be a close race between the current Super Bowl champions, LA Rams, and last year’s NFC Championship runner-up, the 49ers. We can actually see the 49ers winning the NFC West and while the Rams as division winner only pays +140, the 49ers to win the NFC West can be backed at +190. We don't expect any of the Cardinals or Seahawks to have anything to do with the division championship. The Cardinals had an impressive season last year but will find it hard to replicate that success and the Seahawks are surrounded by too much uncertainty to earn our trust. If you want to find more NFC West odds, whether it be division winner, future bets or player probs, check out BetMGM sportsbook.

Author: Dan Anderson