AFC North 2022 Divisional Winner Odds

AFC North 2022 Division Winner Odds

Jumping onto the next division in our NFL 2022 season guide and the time has now come for the AFC North Division. The Cincinnati Bengals, led by an impeccable Joe Burrow, came close to winning the franchise’s first ever Super Bowl trophy last season but the Rams pulled the longest straw and sealed the victory. Can the Bengals recoup after a such draining season or will there be an opening for any of the Ravens, the Steelers or perhaps the Browns to make something of the upcoming season?


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Next, we present you with the total win projections for each of the four teams in the AFC North Division as well as some key factors to keep in mind when choosing your pick. All AFC North odds are from BetMGM.

AFC North Division Winner Odds

Baltimore Ravens +200
Cincinnati Bengals +200
Cleveland Browns +200
Pittsburgh Steelers +850


Cincinnati Bengals

Runners-up last season and one of the best campaigns in many years for the franchise. It’s safe to say that things really fell in place for the Bengals last season and that they have found a solid foundation with Joe Burrow in the lead to build something onto in the future. However, a runners-up season takes its toll and it doesn’t come as a surprise that teams who’ve lost the Super Bowl the season before, historically find it hard to bounce back in  the following season. The Bengals have made some interesting additions to the team off-season which could possibly help regain momentum and push for another successful season but we are not hundred percent convinced, yet.

Another interesting factor playing in is the playing schedule. The Bengals don't seem to have had any luck whatsoever as they are facing one of the toughest schedules in the league. Especially the second half after game week 10, when the Bengals play four out of six games on the road against top level opponents can prove to be a season defining period. If they are going to reach their win projection of 9.5 there is no room for slip ups against teams who are on paper a weaker side such as the Dolphins, Jets and Steelers x2.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (-120)
Under 9.5 (+100)

Bengals Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Pittsburgh Steelers

With Ben “Big Ben” Roethlisberger’s retirement fresh in mind the Steelers are looking to build something new as they’re heading into a new era. They finished second in the AFC North Division last season which is not bad considering the strength of the opposing teams in the division. The AFC North Division is one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL and with the Bengals entering the new season as runners-up along and the Ravens looking sharper than in the past years, this season could prove to be a real test for the Steelers and coach Mike Tomlin.

Opening the season with five out of eight games on the road will be a tough task and even more so as they will probably not be favorites in more than a couple of these games. Worth mentioning is that the Steelers is the team in the league that will have the lowest miles travelled during the regular season. If this can give them enough advantage to reach over 7.5 total wins can be doubt though and prior to the season we rank both the Bengals and the Ravens as stronger teams than the Steelers.

Win total projection:

Over 7.5 (-120)
Under 7.5 (+100)

Steelers Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Baltimore Ravens

Injuries had a huge negative impact on the Ravens’ last season and with a handful of keyplayers out of play for the major part of the 2021 campaign there was nothing that could stop them from finishing bottom of the AFC North. However, going into the new season they will have a full preseason to prepare and without any major injuries, so far, the Ravens are expected to be up there fighting for a playoff spot. In fact, we believe they have a squad strong enough to win the the AFC North and who knows it can take them. With a relatively welcoming playing schedule the Ravens should be able to improve from last season and the total win projection of over 9.5 shows how highly rated this team is when all keyplayers are fit and ready to hit it on the pitch.

While some might say the Bengals are the strongest team in the division, we think that the Ravens to win the AFC North is a solid bet offering a strong value. The Bengals are coming from a long and challenging season while the Ravens had most of their keyplayers injured throughout the whole season. Instead of over 9.5 wins, the Ravens to win the AFC North is an interesting bet which you can back at +210.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (-135)
Under 9.5 (+110)

Ravens Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

Cleveland Browns

Perhaps the most hard analyzed teams of them all. The Browns season will depend heavily on what’s happening with quarterback Deshaun Watson. If the NFL decides to hand out a punishment and potentially stop him from featuring this season, then the Browns could be in big trouble and find it hard to not say impossible to reach over 9.5 wins. The uncertainty around the team and Watson make the total win projection bet less attractive and if there’s one side to take, it would be the under 9.5 from our side.

If, however, assuming that Deshaun Watson stay clear from any sort of retribution, then the Browns have a proper chance of reaching the playoffs. The squad must be held as one of the strongest in the division and with a favorable playing programme it’s much likely that the Browns reach past the regular season.

Win total projection:

Over 9.5 (-125)
Under 9.5 (+105)

Browns Schedule (TV- & Live Streaming Info)

AFC North Odds

In a tight and challenging division, it is a tie with the Ravens, Bengals and Browns on who's having the lowest odds to win the AFC North. The Ravens are being praised for their offseason work and with a number of important players back from injuries we think they have a good chance of winning the AFC North. You find the Ravens odds to win the division at BetMGM.

Author: Dan Anderson